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Catching the Winds Tail.

Sometimes we look back trying to to catch the wind behind us. We formulate reasons why we should hold on to the things and people that causes us distress and pain. With a well gifted, forgiving heart we hurt ourselves trying to please others. We try to be peacemakers, the voice of reason but to what end and at what cost?

As the wind blows invisibly in unexpected directions, it sometimes can be disastrous, causing lots of damage and trying to tame or catch up with which way it will blow is like trying to catch its tail.

The same with the reasons why we allow ourselves to be tossed about by others, those closest to us, those we love and care about and yet do not know when and which way their winds of deception, malice, and disdain will be directed at us. The pride, vindictiveness and cruel intent, though without merit seeks to destroy the ones whom they have painted as enemy when things are not going their way.

Many well meaning ones have become victim to the masses who believe their way surpasses all human reasoning. The toxicity reaches a new unmeasurable high and they leave unfounded, undeserved scares without being shown a flinch of remorse.

One of the greatest gifts a person can give oneself is to find inner peace, an undisturbed peace of mind. When there is continued drama, toxicity feast on a wholesome meal but to put a cap on that destructive lid of continued negativity, toxicity starves for it will find nothing to assist in it's growth up your path. Its pointless to hold on to things, persons and relationships that will turn to destroy you without warning at their convenience, for their own selfish reasons.

There is no point in trying to catch the wind by its tail nor tame the invisible; its impossible.

Find and keep your inner peace. Walk away from negative, toxic people and do not allow anyone to rob you of your essence. Cherish it like hidden treasure. It's what drives your mental and overall well being.

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