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Hello everyone,

Welcome to my blog.

My name is Cindy Placide and today I want to tell you a little about myself. I am a single mother of three, I deceased and two living. I am originally from the Caribbean. My hobbies include dancing, reading, swimming but not limited to anything else that's considered clean fun.

I started this blog to connect with my readers and others about the many things that can pose a challenge. There many who have buried their feelings about a loss, about raising a child with disabilities, about facing hardships; even more so those of us who have been abused in any way and cast our pains deep in a dark place not to be revisited.

This is a platform to educate, share stories of the things that are really affecting us yet we stay silent, in the shadows and just go through many adversities even threats, which have proven to silence us in some way.

I will speak about my book "When Life Stood In Silence", answer questions and share my inspiration behind those poems. Each poem is relatable to one of you in some way so I invite comments and experiences.

I will not just be chatting but also a platform to encourage each other through trials and tribulations as well as have some empower each other for better.

Hope to chat with with you all soon.

Until every voice is heard.


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