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Blue Flowers


Cindy Placide migrated from the beautiful Caribbean island of St. Lucia to the USA, to further pursue her dreams in the Literary Arts.

Since her childhood, Cindy developed a passion for writing, especially poetry; has always dreamt of being a writer and is now a published Author.

Throughout the years, Cindy has faced many seemingly unending trials and tribulations. However, her adversities, even though heartbreaking and caused her countless grief, it has never negated who she is as an individual. Don’t expect her to be bitter because she is quite approachable.

To those who know her well, she is best described as a humble, genuine, honest, kind, loving dependable caring person with a bubbly personality. She is strong-willed and resilient. One of her most admirable qualities is her loyalty to those she loves, her strong faith and when she loves, it's to a fault.

With her ambitious, go-getter attitude, failure is never an option for Cindy as she always finds a way to bounce back. She is a people's person and even through her own struggles, she has the ability to inspire positivity to others.

Cindy loves dancing, running, helping others among other things. She is goofy and has a great sense of humor. Being a Mother to her children brings her the greatest joy and her love for them and her God Jehovah is unwavering.

With her determination, driven by strong faith and her life experiences she seeks to inspire and empower others through the words written in her books.

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